A letter seeking event sponsorship

For NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania, 2015

Dear Friend,

The word “home” gives most of us a warm-fuzzy feeling, evoking family, memories and so much more. At the end of a day or period away, home is a place to which most of us long to go back.

Unfortunately for many of our neighbors, home also has become a place that produces feelings of insecurity or dread. As much as they love their homes, they can no longer keep up with them, whether due to financial burdens, changed life circumstances, disabilities or the simple fact that they are aging, along with their homes, and no longer have the means for basic maintenance.

When this happens, we are all at risk. We at NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania ask you to unite with us not only in working to better individual lives by providing home services but to better entire neighborhoods and communities, making them strong and sustainable long into the future.

May we ask your support for a COMFORT FOOD FEST AND CELEBRATION OF HOME, set for Oct. 1, 2015? That’s when we’ll gather at Zacharellis Gardens in Elmhurst Township, a historical country house, to enjoy an array of local-favorite comfort foods (reminiscent of mom’s table), home-themed music and auctions and a colorful, exhibit-style display of tables set by our guests themselves. Our guiding purpose is to help more of our neighbors enjoy some of the comforts we often take for granted.

All proceeds will benefit our Home Matters Repair Initiative, an ongoing effort to provide home-rehab services to the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged among us.

This year, we at NeighborWorks lost our own home in May after a fire destroyed a building attached to ours. It’s safe to say “home” took on even more meaning for us. The setbacks caused by the fire prompted us to try this first-of-its-kind, much-need fund-raising event, but we need the support of the local organizational community to bring it all HOME and make the evening a memorable success.

We ask you to thoughtfully consider the enclosed sponsorship levels and consider returning the commitment form by Wednesday Sept. 16. Home truly matters, and so do you!


Sandra Snyder

Event Manager